Monday, May 17, 2010

Jakarta tempoe doeloe (Jakarta 70s & 30s)

well, this day I have a meeting in Central Jakarta at Sabang street.
in this street, the area really looks like movie in the year 1970s

seriously, I just don't get why there is a gate in front of the street..

to get there, just need to stop in the Sarinah Bus Stop in front of this building

"you can found Sabang street behind this building then in the intersection you can turn left"
(that's what mas-mas transjakarta told me)

the meeting took place in KOPITIAM OEY, a small coffe shop in Sabang Street
"Kopitiam" comes from words: "ka fe tian", means coffe shop in chinese, then aculturated in hokian dialect, so it's called kopitiam
"Oey" is coming from the owner's name Bondan Winarno.. "winarno" become "oey-narno"

I do really love this place because its so vintage
actually this is a new building but decorated in 1930s era

menu book,
in this menu you can also read the history of Kopitiam Oey
in the golden coin, it's written "kopitiam oey"
the food and beverage is not really expensive for such place like this
around 10.000-40.000 IDR or 1-5 USD

in front of me:

left side of me:

and actually the toilet also so vintage
but I'm not really into taking picture of toilet :D

and this is my order, take cost 11,500 IDR or 1,5 USD
the mbak-mbak said to me that the special one in here is Kopi Tubruk and something I've forgot, both of it named ordinary for me, so I take something that is the favorite one here,

smartly, I've forgot the name of this! :D
(maybe vietnamese indochina coffe :D )

I think this coffe is really strong for me since until this time I don't feel sleepy at all!
(hmm.. I should find out the ingredients)

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